request 18316707 04 Sep 2020 05:27

Spruce Sawn Logs

Product: Saw Logs, Species: Spruce (Picea abies), Volume: 10000 m3 per month, Diameter: 20 CM SED and Up cm, Length: 11.8 m, Quality: abc
offer 18287731 18 May 2020 03:14

Purchase and Logistics Manager Required - EU

Type: Permanent Position, Position within the company: Purchase, Activity Field: Wood and timber trade, Job Title: Purchase and Logistics Manager - EU
offer 17936968 22 Mar 2016 04:01

Finger/Butt Jointed Edge Glued Laminated Panels in Rubberwood

Solid wood panels: 1 ply solid wood panel, Species: Rubberwood, Origin: Vietnam, Joint: Finger Jointed (Discontinuous stave), Thickness: 10-70 mm, Width: 50-1250 mm, Length: 1000-5000 mm