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Russia's logs and plywood exports up in Jan.-Apr. 2021

During January-April 2021 Russia’s export of sawn goods made more than 5.4 mn tons, down 5.3% year-on-year. According to the RF Federal Customs Service’s statistics, in terms of value, sawn goods export was up 17.9% making $1.6 bn...... [more...]

U.S. home starts up 3.6% in May

U.S. home construction rose 3.6 percent in May as builders battled a surge in lumber prices...... [more...]

Benefits of FLEGT licensing to European market prospects

A survey of over 130 companies in the EU+UK, including a significant proportion of the region’s largest importers of tropical timber products, highlights that FLEGT licensing has helped boost market prospects for Indonesian products. It also shows that implementation of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and associated rising dependence on certified products has led to a narrowing in the range of tropical companies supplying the region overall...... [more...]

Forest authorities in China and Eastern Europe expand cooperation

The forest authorities in China and 15 Central and Eastern European countries have agreed to further strengthen forestry cooperation and promote the development of forestry bio-economy in order to mitigate climate change...... [more...]

India: Prices for Pine from New Zealand as high as from Europe

In June India is confronted with softwood prices that are now even higher than in December 2020 – where they have been 25-30% above the norm. Now allmost 350 €/m3 for pine have gotten standard and prices from New Zealand are as high as from Europe. Plywood prices are... [more...]

Pakistan: The challenges of not being the delivery priority

Within the chaotic market situation Pakistan faces challenges in being a nation of import but also not buying huge volumes for the highest price. At the moment that leads to a low ranking on the priority list for deliveries, because countries like China get preferential treatment in terms of... [more...]

Stora Enso completes co-determination negotiations at Veitsiluoto site

Stora Enso has completed the co-determination negotiations concerning closing down the pulp and paper production at its Veitsiluoto site in Finland....... [more...]

Germany: Stable low pellet prices in June

Wood pellets in Germany are still cheap in June. Across Germany, a ton costs an average of ..... [more...]

Malaysia: Strong first quarter wood product export performance

The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) has reported first quarter 2021 wood product exports in a recent press release........ [more...]

Company & Product Tips: How to place your offer or request higher in marketplace search results

The position of your offers & requests in the search results depends of different criteria: the type of subscription, your reply rate to messages, your trust rating ... ... [more...]

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France: Boom in demand for sawn softwood

France: Boom in demand for sawn softwood

As long as it lasts! In the softwood forests of eastern France, sawyers are crossing their fingers because the sawnwood markets are enjoying unprecedented enthusiasm...... [ more...]

special report

DACH region: quadrupled prices and contracts for 24 hours

Within the DACH region softwood lumber prices in June are still on the rise due to the high demand in China and USA but also within Europe for construction. Many countries are promoting wooden buildings for climate reasons. Sawmills are at limit, struggeling to get logs and can not expand... [ more...]

special report

US lumber prices come crashing down

For the past 16 days US future prices for lumber have been declining and deliveries further in the future are heading in only 1 direction, downwards. July deliveries are now at 1010 USD coming down from a record 1.711 USD in May...... [ more...]

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