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Vietnam's wood product exports fall in July

According to statistics from Vietnam General Department of Custom wood and wood product (W&WP) exports to the US in July 2023 were valued at US$609.3 million, down 11% compared to July 2022. In the first 7 months of 2023 W&WP exports to the US were recorded at US$3.9 billion, down 30% over the same period in 2022... [more...]

Rising US hardwood exports to India

The value of US hardwood exports to India reached US$3.247mil. in the first quarter of 2023... [more...]

Masisa reports strong sales decrease in the first six months

Masisa, one of the leading regional manufacturers of wooden panels, reported that its sales in the first half of 2023 (6M-2023) amounted to USD 180.2 million, representing a decrease of 29.7% (USD 76.1 million) compared to the same period of the previous year... [more...]

Stora Enso to transfer Sunila pulp mill's Technology and Investments department to Etteplan

Etteplan and Stora Enso have made an agreement on Stora Enso’s Sunila pulp mill Technology and Investments department transfer to Etteplan.... [more...]

Egger acquires particleboard plant from Rauch

On 8 Sep 2023, the Egger Group has signed an agreement to purchase a Rauch chipboard plant in Markt Bibart, Germany.... [more...]

Metsä Wood and SRV sign agreement for Kerto LVL mill construction

Metsä Wood and construction company SRV have signed an agreement for the construction of Metsä Wood's new Kerto LVL mill in Äänekoski, Finland. ... [more...]

Vietnamese wood pellet exports down 12% in H1/2023

In the first 6 months of 2023 Vietnam’s wood pellet exports amounted to 2 million tonnes with the value of nearly US$325 million being down year-on-year by 12% in volume and 8% in value.... [more...]

US hardwood exports to India on the rise

The value of US hardwood exports to India reached US$3.247mil. in the first quarter of 2023 ... [more...]

Mercer opens Lignin Center in Rosenthal

Mercer recently inaugurated its state-of-the-art Lignin Center in Rosenthal am Rennsteig with a capacity of 1000 kg/day. It is a fully integrated pilot plant - the first of its kind in Germany... [more...]

West Fraser to acquire Spray Lake sawmills

West Fraser Timber Co. is planning to add another Alberta sawmill to its suite of Canadian assets.... [more...]

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EUDR: Supplier protection in timber trade passé?

On June 29, 2023, the new EU regulation for deforestation-free supply chains (EUDR) came into force. And though this should prevent the degradation of forests, especially in the agricultural sector (cattle breeding, soybean, palm oil plantations, etc.), it also entails a number of additional obligations and temporary open questions for the timber trade. In order to clarify the latter as quickly as possible respectively to provide a preliminary interpretation of the regulation... [ more...]

special report
Dry fir crisis: surge in unsold inventory hits Eastern France

Dry fir crisis: surge in unsold inventory hits Eastern France

While construction is declining, the volumes of dry firs continue to rise. Concern is starting to grow among professionals in the northern half of France. After the spruce bark beetle destroyed 20 million m3 and decimated about 55,000 hectares of spruce forests in eastern France in recent years... [ more...]

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India's timber import market booms as country recovers to pre-Covid levels

India's timber import market thrives as the country recovers to pre-Covid-19 levels India's remarkable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a resurgence of various sectors, with significant growth in the timber import sector.... [ more...]

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