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UPM Jyväskylä plywood mill to be permanently closed by the end of the month

UPM Jyväskylä plywood mill to be permanently closed on 31.07.2020, UPM announced. The jobs cut will be 147....... [more...]

Russian sawn timber exports drop by almost 10% in Jan.-May. 2020

During January-May 2020 Russia’s export of sawn timber made 7.3 mn tons, down 9.8% year-on-year. ...... [more...]

Germany: Falling pellet prices in July

As expected, the second half of the year starts with low summer prices for wood pellets in Germany. ...... [more...]

EU economy forecast to contract 9% in 2020

The EU’s ‘Summer 2020 Economic Forecast’, published 7 July, suggests that the EU economy will experience a deep recession this year due to the coronavirus pandemic...... [more...]


EPLF adopts a new mission, vision and logo

In view of a changing market environment for the member companies of the Association of European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers (EPLF), the industry representative will increasingly focus on the sustainable properties of their product...... [more...]

Peru: Wood products export down 35% in Jan.-Apr. 2020

Peru's Exporters Association (ADEX) has reported that between January and April, Peruvian wood product exports were down around 35% to US$26.5 million FOB. In the same period last year exports were worth US$41 million...... [more...]

UPM to permanently close its Chapelle newsprint mill

UPM will permanently cease production at its Chapelle newsprint mill in Grand-Couronne, France....... [more...]

US tropical sawnwood imports sharply down

After a promising April, US imports of sawn tropical hardwood fell by 39% in May, back to the level seen in March...... [more...]

US housing starts rebound in June

Housing starts in the United States jumped 17.3% to an annual rate of 1,241,000 in June compared to May's revised figure, landing slightly above estimates...... [more...]

Corona Virus

US softwood lumber prices continue to rise

While demand for construction framing dimension softwood lumber continued to surpass supply last week, it was noticeable that buyer orders to sawmills were slowing down...... [more...]

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French hardwood market under pressure: auctions lack buyers, prices are falling

French hardwood market under pressure: auctions lack buyers, prices are falling

We must face the facts, there are few reasons to rejoice today on the hardwood market. This is the case with crushing where, at the first public sales after Covid-19...... [ more...]

special report

Myanmar Teak: Scandal or no scandal in Croatian imports?

The NGO Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) suggests, in one of its reports, that a significant amount of teak from Myanmar was imported into the EU via Croatia from 2017 to 2019 without full evidence of legality. 10 loads with a total of 144 t teak worth at least ... [ more...]

special report

Stimulus of € 700 million for German forests

The Federal Government will offer € 700 million to deal with the damage in the German forest after two years of drought. The sustainable management of forests should be promoted as well as digitalization in forestry...... [ more...]