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West Fraser Timber's 2Q adjusted EBITDA increased to $184 million

West Fraser Timber's 2Q 2020 sales were $1,276 million; up 7% on previous quarter. 2Q adjusted EBITDA increased to $184 million...... [more...]

Sappi Europe Alfeld mill PM3 fully operational

Sappi Europe announced that its Alfeld site PM 3 is operational again as of the 20th of July...... [more...]

Brazil: Floresta+ Programme encourages preservation of native forests

On 3 July this year the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) adopted the ‘Forest+ Program’ (Programa Floresta+) through an Administrative Ordinance n° 288/20. This ordinance aims to strengthen the preservation of the Brazilian natural forest...... [more...]

Cascades to close its Etobicoke containerboard packaging operations in Ontario

Cascades' Etobicoke Containerboard Packaging operations in Ontario, Canada will permanently close no later than August 31, 2021...... [more...]

West African tropical wood exports driven down by pandemic

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has adversely affected West Africa’s export markets, imports, foreign investment,....... [more...]

Södra to adjust timber prices

Södra adjusts the price for pulpwood, fuelwood and small diameter timber...... [more...]

Canfor reports positive results for Q2/2020

Canfor Corp. says its results turned positive in the second quarter on a large reversal of a writedown in its lumber operations due to improved demand and prices towards the end of the quarter...... [more...]

Container freight costs rise

The early July Drewry composite World Container Index fell slightly after reaching a 5-year high of US$2,023 per 40ft container...... [more...]

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North American prices of softwood lumber continue upward trend

Unabated purchasing of North American construction framing softwood lumber moved prices higher last week, as customers turned to the eastern market....... [more...]

Raute's 2Q net sales drop considerably in Q2/2020

Raute Corporation's 2Qnet sales amounted to Euro 24.4 million, compared to Euro 37 million in the 2Q 2019...... [more...]

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French hardwood market under pressure: auctions lack buyers, prices are falling

French hardwood market under pressure: auctions lack buyers, prices are falling

We must face the facts, there are few reasons to rejoice today on the hardwood market. This is the case with crushing where, at the first public sales after Covid-19...... [ more...]

special report

Myanmar Teak: Scandal or no scandal in Croatian imports?

The NGO Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) suggests, in one of its reports, that a significant amount of teak from Myanmar was imported into the EU via Croatia from 2017 to 2019 without full evidence of legality. 10 loads with a total of 144 t teak worth at least ... [ more...]

special report

Stimulus of € 700 million for German forests

The Federal Government will offer € 700 million to deal with the damage in the German forest after two years of drought. The sustainable management of forests should be promoted as well as digitalization in forestry...... [ more...]