Classification of the XIA, Xylexpo Innovation Awards

Christian Morasso
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Award Classification and Justification


All the prizes winners on stage



1st Prize

Company: Paolino Bacci Srl

Product:Master MAX

Hall 2 Stand F01 Country Italy

Justification: The machine combines productivity and flexibility for the production of complex parts, included curved ones, featuring an original workpiece clamping system.


2nd Prize

Company: Working Process Srl

Product:Logos Life Evo XS 2353 Executive

Hall 4 Stand B61 Country Italy

Justification: Machine for the production of window elements, featuring a special workpiece handling system that enables virtually continuous production, even for batch 1.


3rd Prize

Company:SCM Group Spa

Product:Maestro smartech

Hall 2 Stand A11 Country Italy

Justification: Customer service system based on remote connectivity and direct interaction between end user and qualified engineers based in the headquarters, also using smart glasses.



1st Prize

Company: VITAP Costruzioni Meccaniche Spa

Product: K2 2.0

Hall 3 Stand C01 Country Italy

Justification: This ultra-compact machine can execute operations on six faces of a panel, including shaped milling thanks to an innovative floating pressure bar.


2nd Prize

Company: HECHT Electronic AG

Product: 4i Inline Scanner

Hall 4 Stand C13 Country Germany

Justification: High-tech solution for quality control based on a vision system that can detect different panel features.


3rd Prize

Company:Biesse Spa


Hall 1 Stand A10 Country Italy

Justification: Innovative digital platform to monitor entire manufacturing sites, designed to optimize performance and ordinary maintenance and, through predictive algorithms, extraordinary maintenance.




1st Prize

Company: New Finishing Srl


Hall 1 Stand R02 Country Italy

Justification: High-flexibility system that can coat frames, doors and windows in continuous mode through a self-teaching process.


2nd Prize

Company: ICA Spa

Product: X-MATT

Hall 3 Stand A21 Country Italy

Justification: The formulation allows to achieve surfaces with different opacity grades and 3D textures, using the same product, thanks to different crosslinking methods.


3rd Prize

Company: SCM Group Spa

Product: Gouge aggregate

Hall 2 Stand D11 Country Italy

Justification: A large variety of relief decorations can be created through the proper handling of two milling aggregates integrated in a sanding machine.


Post-finishing comment

The jury has appreciated an interesting finishing and decoration technology for interior furniture, based on digital printing systems with 3D effects.

However, this technology was nominated by two different companies and the jury, being uncertain about the ownership, reluctantly decided not to consider it for the award.


Category TOOLS

1st Prize

Company: SCM Group Spa

Product: Combined end cutting and rounding unit for edgebanding machines

Hall 2 Stand A11 Country Italy

Justification: This edgebanding machine aggregate combines end cutting and rounding operations, executed with one tool, allowing to design machines with small footprint.


2nd Prize

Company: Biesse Spa

Product: Aggregate RC60B

Hall 1 Stand A10 Country Italy

Justification: Egdebanding aggregate for machining centers, featuring high flexibility thanks to the use of an innovative magnetic coupling.


3rd Prize

Company:OERTLI Werkzeuge AG

Product:Centrifugal Applied Technology (CAT)

Hall 2 Stand P20 Country Switzerland

Justification: Mechanical clamping system for cutting edges on tool body, ensuring safety and accuracy at tangential speed up to 120 m s-1.


Special mention by the jury

Company: HOMAG GmbH

Product: Autonomous cell (withtransbot)


The jury has given a special mention to “Autonomous cell” by Homag, though not nominated, for its innovative approach to the unattended management of manufacturing sites.



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