I4F initiates legal action against a Välinge licensee in the US

December 05, 2018
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Innovations4Flooring (I4F) has initiated legal action against a Välinge licensee, Beauflor US LLC. According to the announcement, this action was filed after Beauflor decided to use the innovative 5G-i system by Välinge for its Boardwalk product range. 

According to I4F, allegations are based on compelling evidence that the Beauflor Boardwalk collection of vinyl plank products, using Välinge’s 5Gi locking system, are in clear infringement of one of its 3L TripleLock patents in the United States, US ’868.

Välinge stated that the targeting of a potential customer with a meritless lawsuit indicates that Innovations4Flooring cannot compete on the merits by offering true innovation to the market. According to Välinge, the case is based on one single, recently issued and unproven patent. Välinge is confident that the outcome of this lawsuit will be in favor of the 5G-i system, and has already reached out to Beauflor to make it clear that they have full support from Välinge. Beauflor has independently confirmed that the company will continue to offer the Boardwalk products to the market.