Ukraine: Log export ban entered into force this month

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In November 2015 the logs export ban introduced by the Ukrainian Law Nr. 325-VIII (09.04.2015) entered into force. There had been some negotiation efforts on the part of the EU Commission and the European Commissioner for Trade Mrs Malmström to prevent this, however they were fruitless. Thus, the law that temporarily prohibits (10 years) the exportation outside the customs territory of Ukraine of untreated wood from all tree species (except pine) as of November 1, 2015.  The same will apply to pine as well, but later - starting from January 1, 2017. 

As reported earlier, adoption of the legislative draft №1362 was favorably voted by 233 deputies while the necessary minimum of votes was 226. 

The legislative draft in question stipulates a temporary ban for the following: unprocessed wood including raw wood, such as roundwood in the form of logs, poles etc. with moisture content exceeding 22% and sawn timber with the thickness exceeding 70 mm and moisture content more than 22%.

The law allows exports of those kinds of wood that were not mentioned above, provided that exported wood has the certificate of origin, with it being issued on the conditions regulated by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. 


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