Commercial roundwood harvesting volumes are growing in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian State Statistics Servies recently published the data on commercial roundwood harvesting in the period from 2010 to 2014.

In 2010-2014 commercial roundwood volumes had been constantly growing and reached 18333.2 thousand m3 in 2014, the highest point had been reached back in 2011 - 17510.3 thousand m3 against 16145.6 thousand m3 in 2010. Out of 18333.2 thousand m3 of commercial roundwood harvested in 2014, harvested softwood volumes came up to 11061.4 thousand m3, while hardwood - 7271.8 thousand m3.

Harvested pulpwood volumes, on the other hand, show a downward tendency after a slight increase in 2011. Thus, in 2010 there were harvested 1101.7 thousand m3 of pulpwood, in 2011 - 1117.7 thousand m3, in 2012 - 1025.9 thousand m3, in 2013 - 986.1 thousand m3 and in 2014 - 721.5 thousand m3. It is notable, that the preference was given to the softwood assortments, as well as in the case of sawlogs and veneer stock. If in 2010 the difference between the volumes of the harvested soft pulpwood and hard pulpwood was not substantial, in 2014 the situation changed: soft pulpwood harvesting volume came up to 525.5 thousand m3, while hard pulpwood - just 196.0 thousand m3.

Firewood harvesting volumed had been growing annually as well. 

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