US: imports of hardwood plywood dropped in September

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Imports of all major wood products declined in September, but the steepest drop was in hardwood plywood imports. US imports of hardwood plywood declined from 290,946 cu.m. in August to 219,290 cu.m. in September.

Lower shipments from Indonesia (23,122 cu.m.) accounted for much of the decline, but imports from China also decreased. Imports from China were 105,874 cu.m. in September, down 18% from the previous month.

More hardwood moulding from Brazil

Hardwood moulding imports declined to US$15.0 million in September, down 10% from the previous month.

All major suppliers shipped less except Canada whose shipment increased by 26%. Imports from China fell by 11% to US$4.0 million in September.

Flooring imports down in first three qtrs, except from Indonesia, Brazil and Canada

Imports of assembled flooring panels were worth US$9.3 million, down 15% from August. Imports from Canada grew by 9% to US$2.2 million in September. China‘s shipments declined by 18% to US$5.4 million.

Hardwood flooring imports also decreased in September. Imports were just US$2.4 million in September, and yearto- date imports are 16% lower than at the same time last year. Only imports from Indonesia are higher than in 2012.

Higher wooden furniture imports from Mexico and Canada

The US imported US$1.13 billion worth of wooden furniture in September. Year-to-date imports remain 5% higher than in 2012.

US trade statistics report very low imports from China and Vietnam in September, but it remains to be seen whether imports from these two countries were in fact down by 90% or if it was a reporting error.

Furniture imports from Canada and Mexico grew in September, while Malaysia and Indonesia shipped less compared to the previous month.

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