Turkey increases tax on furniture imports to 50%; initiates anti-dumping investigations on Chinese plywood

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On May 23, a decree by the Turkish cabinet of ministers increased the tax rate on furniture imports to 50 percent from 13 percent. 

Turkish furniture manufacturers welcomed this decision. The increased tax on furniture imports will have a positive effect on the Turkish furniture industry, as well as on employment, the head of the Ankara Furniture Manufacturers Chamber, Huseyin Taklaci said on Wednesday, quoted by Turkish media.

“This step taken by the government should bear fruit in the future. The decision will contribute to both employment and to Turkey’s market share in the world furniture industry, ” Taklaci said.

Moreover, Turkey's Ministry of Economy has initiated anti-dumping investigations on plywood imports of Chinese origin.

Turkish media reports that Turkey's Plywood Producers Association has applied to the economy ministry for action, claiming that Chinese plywood is being exported to Bulgaria and Vietnam, then sold to Turkey as local product. This effectively bypasses trade barriers on the Chinese products, the association said.

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