SCA submits environmental permit for biorefinery

March 14, 2019
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SCA has submitted the environmental permit application for a biorefinery connected to Östrand’s pulp mill to the Land and Environmental Court in Östersund, Sweden.

Production will process waste products from the plant and sawmill in the region into renewable hydrocarbons. These renewable hydrocarbons can be used to manufacture different kinds of vehicle fuels, chemicals, plastics, dyes, medical preparations and much more.

The production volume specified in the application of renewable hydrocarbon at Östrand’s refinery is more than the aviation fuel used for domestic flights within Sweden.

The project’s climate benefit is calculated to be a net greenhouse gas reduction of approximately 1,200,000 CO2equivalents per year.

Work has been conducted in close cooperation between different business areas at SCA and with external consultants. In addition to raw material from the forest, a biorefinery linked to Östrand could utilize residual products and locally produced green electricity from the pulp mill.