Five million m3 bark beetle wood in Southern Sweden

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According to Södra in the southern part of Sweden called Götaland the bark beetle infestation gains speed. So far there are 5 million m3 of bark beetle infested wood in 2019. That is double as much as in 2018.

Half of the amount goes on account of forest owners associated to Södra which are affected by 2.5 million m3 of bark beetle wood in sum. The bark beetle damages are concentrated in the east and the north of Götaland. Most affected is the eastern part of Småland and the isle of Öland (see map).

Södra urges forest owners to bring infested wood out of the forest as quickly as possible. Södra claims for support from the state and authorities through simplified regulations and coordination. In particular, as many roads as possible should be rated in the highest capacity class BK4 (74 tons), Södra postulates.

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