Greenpeace calls on Resolute's CEO to embrace solutions

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Following the recent suspension of Resolute's Forest Products FSC certificate for 6,7 million hectares of Boreal Forest in Quebec and Ontario, after a Rainforest Alliance investigation, the company filled a law suit this week claiming that the audit was biased and riddled with errors. Moreover, Resolute also sued Greenpeace Canada, which in response published a press release on Thursday adressing to the company's CEO. You can read the Greenpeace Canada PR in the following:

"This morning more than 60,000 people, symbolized by an enormous petition tree, called on the CEO of Resolute Forest Products to change his approach and work towards solutions. An 8 metre banner reads "60,000 citizens stand for forests: Mr. Garneau, will you be part of the solution?" The enormous work of art was lifted by Greenpeace activists on a scissor lift more than 30 feet in the air at Resolute's headquarters."

"On the eve of Resolute's Annual General Meeting, we're giving a voice to over 60 000 people asking for the multinational corporation to be part of the solution," said Nicolas Mainville, Director of Greenpeace Quebec. "Resolute has all the necessary tools to be a sustainability leader in the forestry sector and solutions are at hand."

"The 15-foot work of art, created by the artist Belo and where all the 60,000 signatures are signed is composed of 1,700 pieces of repurposed wood. Today's action follows on from the "Stand For Forests" campaign launched at the beginning of the year to alert the public about their right to know what is happening in our public forests."

"Greenpeace has identified to the north of Lac St-Jean an exceptional territory in need of conservation, the Montagnes Blanches, where Resolute is operating. The lack of protection has however led to Resolute losing FSC environmental certificates in this area, threatening at the same time their place in the international forestry market."

"Faced with their difficulty in respecting FSC standards, it was announced this week that Resolute Forest Products filed a $400,000 lawsuit against its independent forestry auditor, Rainforest Alliance, to avoid the publication of a report which would have made them lose a fourth certificate, this time in Ontario. Resolute is also filing a $7 million lawsuit against Greenpeace Canada and two of its staff members, a move many have qualified as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP)."

"The student who fails their exam should do their homework rather than sue their teacher," declared Mr. Mainville. "Greenpeace invites Resolute to work in collaboration rather than in confrontation and reaches out to the company in order to guarantee stability and prosperity for the forest regions."

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Why is Greenpeace not protesting the new oil pipleline being constructed between Russia and China? Because Greenpeace is a business and there are no customers for that protest.