Peru: Flooring/decking exports up over 30%

May 14, 2019
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According to the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Peru's exports of wooden flooring/decking in the first two months of the year earned just over US$13 million, an increase of 31% over the same period in 2018. The improved performance was due to increased demand in China, France and Denmark.

Flooring/decking shipments accounted for almost three quarters of total timber exports, significantly overtaking shipments of sawnwood (US$3.1 million) and builders’ woodwork, joinery and mouldings.

The timbers shipped included shihuahuaco, ana caspi and storaque which are used primarily for pool surrounds and terrace construction.

The value of 2018 shipments of timber for flooring was nearly 8% higher than a year earlier, the highest for the past eight years.

The top markets for wood products were China (US$6 million, a 46% share) and France (US$2.9 million, 22% share). Other market destinations included Denmark (US$0.8 mil.), Mexico (US$0.6 mil.), Dominican Republic (US$0.5 mil.), Belgium (US$0.4 mil.) and Australia (US$0.4 mil.).

There was a recovery in exports to the US at US$2.9 million and this reversed the decline which began in 2014.