Notre-Dame: Sylvain Charlois calls for timber dealers to donate

April 17, 2019
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After the fire of the French landmark Notre-Dame, the country's billionaires outbid each other in donations, as all major daily newspapers report. Money for reconstruction is so in abundance there. The problem is elsewhere. This is pointed out by Sylvain Charlois, Managing Director of the largest French oak processor, the Groupe Charlois.

The roof of Notre-Dame was made of oak beams. Obtaining them in the appropriate dimension and quality should be a great challenge. Charlois said that he is worried about the available stocks

According to information from the industry, there are still enough sawmills that also saw oak beams. 1,300 oak trees were used for the roof of Notre-Dame. How many cubic meters that is, it is difficult to estimate. Obtaining this wood in the necessary quality will certainly take several years, says Charlois. He therefore called on French timber merchants to donate.

President Macron's stated goal of rebuilding the cathedral within five years could certainly fail only due to the lack of suitable oak.