LIGNA Sawmill Technology Part 2 - Before and After the Saw

August 14, 2019
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LIGNA sawmill technology part 2In the first part of the LIGNA sawmill technology, we presented innovations for the cutting technique. The second part is about new ideas and further developments before and after the sawing process.


Holtec - Digital Solutions Holtec 4.0

Holtec Digitale ServicesThe German outfitter for Rundholzplatz has focused entirely on digital services at LIGNA under the motto Holtec 4.0. Four package solutions are to make the log yard easier and easier to control. In addition to an online connection to the Holtec service center, the remote maintenance package RemotePlus 4.0 also includes data goggles, with which the technician of the customer sends and receives image and sound on site. This allows problems to be communicated in detail to the service technician and instructions to be implemented directly on the machine. At the same time, the technician has both hands free on site. In cooperation with Siemens, Holtec has the monitoring app HOLtrack 4.0developed. It allows you to record and evaluate real-time machine data worldwide, allowing me to view plant performance at any time. In order to obtain information about their subsequent performance before the construction of a plant, Holtec has developed the simulation tool Simtec . It allows a computer-aided model conclusions on the characteristics of the later to be built system. The digital services are rounded off by the virtual spare parts stop e-parts . In the future, it will be possible for Holtec customers to request spare parts from Holtec via their smartphone.

Valon Kone Oy - VK 100 Rotorentrinder

Light Machine VK100The Finnish manufacturer Valon Kone has presented at the LIGNA his new rotor trimmer VK100. With its height-adjustable rotor, the new debarker is specially designed for heavy wood. He has a passage of 100 cm with either 3 or 6 knife arms. The knife pressure is generated in a closed hydraulic circuit with pressure accumulator. The carbide tipped end of the debarker are interchangeable. The rotor is centered by Temposonic sensors, the lateral centering of the logs via hydraulic centering flaps or a tapered roller. The minimum trunk length is 1.8 m. Strains of 10 to 100 cm in diameter can be debarked.

Baljer & Zembrod - improvements in detail

Tubs & ZembrodBaljer & Zembrod has introduced a number of improvements to its log sorting and transport vehicle at the LIGNA. The new pump A30 VG 28 allows the individual drive of all four wheels through four closed hydraulic circuits. A soft differential lock prevents slippage on the drive wheels. The automatic positioning has been significantly improved. For an additional charge the wheel attachment with clamping set is possible. The new hydraulic tank prevents turbulence in the oil through a return filter, thereby minimizing the formation of air bubbles. At the ES124 cutting station, the cutting speed was increased from 11 to 16 m / s. For an additional charge, there is the preheating of the chain oil and a flying length measurement. Optionally, an automatic lettering of the trunk is offered in both directions.

Re-cut and cut

Paul - improvements in cutting, capping, scanning

PaulWhen it comes to re-cutting and cutting, Paul introduced the Multrip saw Q 805. Paul is equipping its Q series face-up circular saws with a new splitter separation. The splinters, so forest edge pieces, fall over hinged tables in the waste wood disposal. The separated workpieces are transported on transverse sliding system. Paul has accelerated the cut again with the new version of the familiar C11 chop saw. The saw is equipped with new high-performance servomotors and a maintenance-free tooth reaming and a new sowing lip. This reduced the time for a crosscut from 0.15 seconds to 0.1 seconds. Before the capping comes the sawnwood scanner C1_SCAN_DUO, whose performance Paul has further increased. In addition to the usual errors, the system also detects small cracks, resin galls, Blueness and other defects at a speed of 3 m / s using color cameras as well as line and point lasers. Using the software package, the operator defines the fault locations to be detected.


Woodries – One Day Drying

WoodriesWood drying of fresh wood to the final moisture of 8% within 24 hours promises the Hungarian company Woodries. This is made possible by an infrared drying in combination with vacuum and heat treatment of the wood. The lumber is placed in a position on a drying table. The smallest unit of these tables recommends the company with 10 m2. According to Woodries, up to 200 m3 of oak wood with a thickness of 50 mm can be dried annually. The drying tables are modular expandable. The drying process can be monitored and controlled online via a mobile device.

Mühlböck - Kanaltrockner Flow

Mühlböck FlowMühlböck has introduced its channel dryer "Flow". It combines the advantages of duct dryers and drying chambers. By stacking the lumber in a drying chamber, the continuous process of woodworking is interrupted, customers pointed to a need for improvement. Channel dryers, on the other hand, are generally suitable for large volumes of a uniform range. The flow dryer combines the advantages of both types of drying: the practical feed of the channel dryer with the flexibility of a drying chamber. The Channel Dryer Flow consists of several drying zones, each of which functions as a stand-alone drying chamber. A loading of different wooden dimensions is possible. By stacking transversely to the conveying direction and the combination of different lengths of wood per drying zone can be done - similar to a drying chamber. The air circulation takes place transversely to the conveying direction. This allows a power grading and individual climate control according to the drying requirement. The higher-level drying platform K5 ensures that in every drying zone the optimum drying schedule for the respective product range and customer requirements is running.

Packaging and packaging

Prinz - Paketkappsäge PC120 and MobilCut

Prince PC120Cross-cut saw manufacturer Prinz has brought innovations to the market with the LIGNA for the parallel guided package cross-cut saw PC120. One of these new PC120 saws is already in use. As usual, it is driven on both sides and guided on rails. The special feature: It is a double-action saw, that is, it saws in the downward and in the upward movement. Also his bow saw MobilCut has been revised and renamed Prinz. The three available model variants are now called State Line, High Line and Top Line. It has a new Sword mount, a double guide gives the Chain Sword stability. The drive was changed from hydraulic to electric. Thus, the machine is independent of temperature and can work trouble-free even in the coldest parts of the world.

Holtec – Multisaw Paketkappsäge

Holtec MultisawHoltec covers the range from mobile machines to high-performance systems for parcel saws. At the upper end of the spectrum, Holtec has now developed the Multisaw. If more than 200 m3 of sawn timber needs to be cut per day, many plants will reach their capacity limits, according to Holtec. The Multisaw has a modular design and can be equipped with up to six individual trimming units. In this way, sawn timber package can be divided into five short lengths in 3.5 minutes.

Gunnarsson - Packaging CGV wrapper

CGV WrapperIn just 30 seconds, the CGV wrapper packs the Swedish C. Gunnarsson's Verstads AB timber packages after stacking. The M-shaped film is unrolled from the wrapper, welded at the end and cut off. Four bars, stuck from below in the folded film, move apart and fold up the film, which is slipped over every timber package like a truck tarpaulin. The film is available in five different sizes, usually in 1.10-1.20 m width and with or without imprint. The length and position of the lumber packages is automatically detected and the film is cut and positioned as appropriate. In Scandinavia, numerous sawmills are already equipped with this technology. You have already packed over a million packages.

Springer - Packaging unit ED 3000

Springer Wrapper ED3000An average of 60 seconds is needed for Springer's new ES 3000 fully automatic packaging machine to package a 3m long timber package. A 2m package needs 55 seconds, a 6m package 75 seconds. The packages may be 1.80-8.00 m long, 1.20-1.80 m wide and 0.30-1.20 m high. The automatic centering always adapts the filming station to the position of the package. The film turret takes up to six different PE films and provides them automatically. The film rolls may be 2.00-3.70 m wide and max. Weigh 800 kg. Gripper arms apply the film to the moving package. In the Springer system, unlike CGV, the film is only welded and separated after application. This results in a tight-fitting film hood, which offers the wind no attack surface, according to Springer.


Kallesoe - Pressing of conical side boards CW Press System

Call CWPress align =The CW Press System of the Danish manufacturer Kallesoe revolutionizes the material utilization of side boards. Kallesoe promises up to 10% more yield from roundwood. For this purpose, the unedged side boards are glued by taking advantage of their tapered shape by the trunk in alternating directions at the forest edges. The boards are measured and sorted into four classes depending on their shape. The system calculates in which order the boards are optimally glued and which boards have to be turned. The resulting endless board is cut to length as required and can be used for example as a middle layer in cross laminated timber.

Vecoplan - VHZ 1600 for effective wood shredding

Vecoplan VHZ 1600Vecoplan, the wood chopping specialist, has upgraded its VHZ range. After the models 600 to 110 the stronger models 1300 and 1600 were introduced to the LIGNA. The two single-shaft shredders are the first that Vecoplan has implemented in the new industrial design. With the VHZ 1600, solid wood waste, bark or wood-based material and cardboard residues can be shredded to woodchips or briquettable material. The asynchronous motor of the VHZ 1600 is 55-90 kW strong, the speed variably adjustable from 90-265 rpm. The belt drive has a slip control and a fault detection. Cutting tips and counter blades are easy to change. Due to its high efficiency, Vecoplan promises energy savings of up to 25% compared to comparable shredders.

Digital Services

Springer - digital data twin, wide-eye and IoT platform

Springer Data TwinSpringer offers its customers Go-Live with the digital data twin ! the possibility to monitor your plant not only with number series, but with real images. From a mobile device, the user receives at any time information and digitally generated live images of the current system. There are the packages Basic, Fast-Forward and Leaders-Package. While Basic still has a delay of up to 30 minutes, the two other packages provide real-time images with packet-dependent data density. With wide-eye, a crane control software with a visualization via cameras and a VR glasses, an operator can control up to six crane systems in the company, without having to stop himself in the crane area. Similar systems are known from truck roundwood loading. The Springer IoT platform is customized for each customer and allows remote machine control and maintenance.

EWD Monitoring mit EWD connect

EWD has presented the newly developed application "EWD connect" for smartphones and tablets at the LIGNA: "EWD connect" is available for all new EWD systems and allows data on the performance and availability of the systems to be viewed online.

LSAB Loggmaster - Tool Monitoring

LSAB LoggmasterAn app for monitoring tools in the sawmill has been presented by Swedish toolmaker LSAB. Loggmaster is the app. It visualizes performance, running times and service intervals of all tools in the company. The software can be used from PCs, tablets or mobile phones.