Latvia's forest industry exports increase 14.5%

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In January-March 2014, Latvia's forest industry's exports continued to rise, as the Baltic Course reports. Exports amounted EUR 498,9 million (+14.5%), as compared to EUR 435,4 million in the same period of 2013. Wood and wood articles shipments reached EUR 436,5 million in Q1/2014, which is 17.5% more than in 2013.

Latvia's largest export markets were UK, Sweden and Germany. 14.1% or EUR 70.5 million worth of Latvian forest industry exports went to Britain, 12.5% to Sweden (EUR 63.3 million) and 11.5% (EUR 57.5) to Germany.

Latvia's imports of forestry products were also on an upward trend in the first quarter. Through March, imports reached EUR 172.9 million, which is 24.1% more than in 2013.

The largest part of imports came from Lithuania (22.2% or EUR 38.4 million), Estonia (12.7% or EUR 21.9 million) and Poland (10.8% or EUR 18.733 million).

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