Japan: May plywood supply

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Japan's total supply of plywood in May was 546,700 cbms, 4.3% less than May la st year and 7% less than April. Import of plywood declined in May, which reduced total supply than April. Inventories of domestic softwood plywood increased due to slower demand so the manufacturers started production curtailment.

Imported volume in May was 308,600 cbms, 9.5% less and 7.9% less. Monthly average for last five months is 317 M cbms, which is 1.9% less than the same period of last year. Volume from Malaysia was 133,300 cbms, 14,000 cbms less than April and 12.2% less and 9.7% less. Five months average from Malaysia was 136,900 cbms, 8.5% less than the same period of last year.

Indonesian volume was 87,300 cbms, 13.4% less and 3.2% less. Five months average from Indonesia was 90,500 cbms. Chinese volume was 71,000 cbms, 6.8% less and 4% less.

June estimate of imports is 310 M cbms. Plywood import from other sources other than major countries is increasing so the monthly volume seems to stay about 300,000 cbms for some time. Future arrivals will decrease probably down to 270,000 cbms a month because orders for Malaysian mills have been declining in last several months.

Domestic plywood production in May was 238,000 cbms, 3.6% more than May last year and 5.2% less than April. In this, softwood plywood production was 221,800 cbms, 3.6% more and 6.2% less.

Price trends for Japanese imports of Indonesian and Malaysian plywood


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