Japan makes further steps in LVL use

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Japan LVL Association held the regular directors meeting and the chairman commented that the members have been struggling to sell LVL after the tax hike in last April because the demand drop is much more than expected.

The Association has been developing LVL products for residential use and non-residential use. Since new housing starts are hard to increase, it is necessary to develop more non-residential use of LVL.

At the meeting, it showed road map for development of important factors of materials, structure and fire proof. In materials, veneer strength simulation will be done for efficient LVL production like laminated lumber for next revision of JAS.

For fire proof, fire proof wall, floor and roof will be developed with performance tests to get the Minister‟s certificate so that LVL can be used for fire proof buildings. Also by recent revision of JAS rules, for large sized beam, producible width, height and length of laminated lumber, solid wood lumber and LVL are shown so that designers can select the most suitable material. Next target is to use LVL for wall like European use since use of LVL has been mainly for structural post and sill in Japan.

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