Interpol investigates Brazilian timber traders

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Interpol issued this week a Purple Notice about illegal timber trading activities involving four timber producers in Brazil.
BVRio's Due Diligence and Risk Assesment System already had a 'high risk' rating for these companies since 2015.
About Interpol's Notices
Interpol Notices are international requests for cooperation or alerts allowing police in member countries to share critical crime-related information. A Purple Notice is used to “seek or provide information on modus operandi, objects, devices and concealment methods used by criminals”.
About BVRIO's Due Diligence and Risk Assessment System 

BVRio’s Risk Assessment System was developed to assist traders and buyers of tropical timber in verifying the legality status of the products purchased. Users can simply scan the bar codes of Timber Transportation Permits and receive a report on the legality status of the product checked. The system is initially focused on compliance with Brazilian laws. These apps will be particularly useful to buyers operating in Europe and the US, where they have to ensure compliance with the EU Timber Regulation and the US Lacey Act. 

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