Ilim Group plans to further develop sales channels in China

February 01, 2019
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Ilim Group, Russia’s leading pulp and paper company, a major exporter and one of the biggest companies in the industry globally, plans to further develop its sales to all regions of China by 2024.

According to the announcement, Ilim has had a representative office in China (Beijing) for 23 years. Over this period Ilim’s exports to China increased from 50 tons to 1.5 million tons.

The company is already is one of the Top-10 Most Popular Market Pulp Brands in China. Its products are consumed by more than 500 mills in 20 regions of China

In 2018, Ilim Group started to supply its products to Sichuan region on a regular basis, and over the next few years the supply volume will grow. Chengdu Paperboard company is the key partner of Ilim Group in Sichuan region (in particular, as a packaging supplier for Karlsberg brewery).