IKEA Industry expands furniture factory in Poland

May 14, 2019
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IKEA Industry officially inaugurated the expansion of furniture production site Zbąszynek in western Poland on 9 May. The expansion includes a production hall and a warehouse, Polish media reports. The production hall has an area of ​​35,000 square meters, the finished goods warehouse 29,000 square meters. All in all, the Zbąszynek site now has a production and storage area of ​​384,000 square meters.

The new halls mainly produce pieces of furniture from the EKET cabinet and rack series. The production capacity has a maximum of 125,000 pieces of furniture per week. 5.9 million pieces of furniture are planned for the first year of production. The number of employees at the location increases from around 3,100 to around 3,400.

Zbąszynek is considered the largest furniture production site in the world. In total, IKEA Industry operates 43 sites in nine countries, most of them with 20 sites in Poland.