IKEA launches buyback of used furniture throughout Germany

July 09, 2019
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In September 2018, IKEA Germany began buying back used furniture from customers in five test houses and then reselling them. Now, IKEA is rolling out the service to all of the 53 furniture stores in Germany starting July 15.

Most used furniture will find a new owner within two days, says Christiane Scharnagl, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Germany. This shows that there is a used furniture market. Today, one observes a growing need of people to consume more sustainably. With this programme, IKEA is helping to extend the useful life of furniture.

The NABU - Nature Conservation Association Germany welcomes the new IKEA offer: Still too many still functional furniture ends up in waste incineration, therefore, the used furniture market must necessarily be strengthened, explains Leif Miller, Federal Managing Director of NABU.

IKEA has set itself the goal of becoming climate positive by 2030. The commitment to design all IKEA products according to new principles of circular economy and to use only renewable and / or recycled materials in the future also contributes to this. 

IKEA is expanding the offer in the treasure trove, which has always been an integral part of every IKEA furniture store. In the financial year 2018 alone, 3.5 million new products were found here that could no longer be sold in the regular product range. Of these, 55% were exchangeable goods that were no longer in their original state and 35% were exhibits.

IKEA has defined around 1,000 articles from particularly popular product groups, such as dining tables and chairs, chests of drawers or coffee and side tables, which are eligible for a buyback.