Ghana is the first African country to export FLEGT licensed timber

February 08, 2019
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Ghana will soon become the first country in Africa to finalise a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union paving the way for the issuing of FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) licenses covering wood products. This follows the successful assessment of the forest governance structure, laws and how participation of local communities and civil society organisations will be arranged.

Ms. Diana Acconcia, EU Ambassador to Ghana, said the VPA will allow wood products from Ghana easier access to European markets as FLEGT licensed timber certifies that the wood raw materials are from legal sources.

The Ghana Forestry Commission has led the work on the VPA and now importers in the EU will be able to readily satisfy the EU Timber Regulation when importing wood products from Ghana. Indonesia was the first country in the world to issue FLEGT licensed timber.