Finland: Log prices on the rise in September

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In September, the stumpage price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 61.6 per cubic metre, and the price for spruce logs was EUR 65.4 per cubic metre. The real stumpage price level of logs was six percent higher compared to the previous years average, says Luke (Natural Resource Institute Finland) in a report.

The stumpage price for pine pulpwood in Finland was EUR 17.7 per cubic metre, while the price for spruce pulpwood was EUR 19.7 per cubic metre. In September, the real stumpage price level of pulpwood was five percent higher than the average in year 2017, Luke reports.

According to Luke, the method of felling affects the stumpage price paid for the wood. The price of logs harvested from regeneration fellings was three percent higher than the average stumpage price paid for logs (thinnings 16% below the average price). In the case of pulpwood, the stumpage price differences from the average by felling method were as follows: pine pulpwood from regeneration fellings +13%, from thinnings –8%, and from first thinnings –27%.

Delivery sales are typically dominated by pulpwood. The roadside price for pine pulpwood was EUR 31.5 per cubic metre. The price for spruce pulpwood was EUR 34.3 per cubic metre and for birch pulpwood 32.2 EUR per cubic metre, Luke says.

The roundwood trade statistics are based on the wood prices written into wood trade contracts between buyers and sellers. Other additional pricing components and forest services connected to wood trade are not included in the wood price statistics.

In September, the Finnish forest industry procured 3.85 million cubic metres roundwood from non-industrial, private forests.

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