Finland: roundwood prices increased by 6% in 2018

February 22, 2019
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In 2018, the Finnish roundwood real stumpage prices rose by 6% over the previous year, reports Natural Resource Institute Finland (Luke).

Thus, in 2018, the Finnish pine log price came up to EUR 60,5 per cubic metre, while the price of spruce logs was EUR 64.3 per cubic metre (for standing timber). The Finnish spruce pulpwood stumpage price was EUR 17.6 and that of spruce pulpwood came up to EUR 19.6 per cubic metre. 

The price of logs originating from regeneration fellings was 3% higher that the average log stumpage price. For pulpwood, price was 12% higher that the average log stumpage price. In thinnings, the stumpage price of logs and pulpwood was below the average stumpage price (–16% and –8% respectively).

Along with the stumpage prices, the Finnish roundwood roadside prices also rose in 2018. The real roadside price level showed an increase of 2%. In delivery sales, the average price paid per cubic metre was EUR 30.1 for pine pulpwood, EUR 32.6 for spruce pulpwood and EUR 30.8 for birch pulpwood. 

In Finland, roundwood trade was very active in 2018. The Finnish forest industry procured 51.5 million cubic metres roundwood from non-industrial, private forests.