EU tropical wood product imports down across the board

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Unsurprisingly, EU27 imports of all the main tropical wood products fell in the first ten months of 2020, but in each case the decline was less dramatic than expected earlier in the year when the scale of the pandemic and associated lockdown measures were becoming apparent.

In the year to October, EU27 import value of wood furniture from tropical countries declined 8% to US$982 million, while import value of tropical sawnwood declined 16% to US$545 million.

Tropical mouldings were down 18% to US$220 million, veneer down 10% to US$150 million, joinery down 19% to US$139 million, plywood down 18% to US$121 million, marquetry and ornaments down 14% to US$58 million, and logs down 21% to US$36 million.

The import value of tropical flooring actually increased slightly, up 3% to US$52 million.

Import value fell into all six of the largest EU27 destinations for tropical wood and wood furniture products in the first ten months of the year.

Import value was down 15% to US$502 million in the Netherlands, 11% in France to US$475 million, 12% in Germany to US$384 million, 8% in Belgium to US$375 million, 16% in Italy to US$187 million, and 16% in Spain to US$126 million.

However, import value increased in Denmark, by 19% to US$113 million, and in Poland, by 12% to US$63 million. Import value in Sweden declined, but by only 4% to US$53.3 million.

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