Dubai Wood Show: China, East Africa and Russia with strong presence

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Right from the Dubai Wood Show Fordaq agents were able to gather trends and insights on the exibitor proportions as well as markets from around the world. Out of all the exhibitors, Chinese companies represented around 25% - a big increase compared to last year when the COVID restrictions to go out of or into China were still on. Increased demand and many visitors have been observed from the African market - especially Ethiopia - particularly interested in machinery for timber and panels. It was the first time when companies from East Africa had their own pavilion, representing big companies from Gabon, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Another strong presence was that of Russia with almost 25 companies looking actively for new partners as they can't supply to many former business partners.

The demand in the Middle Eastern market still exists but not at the levels the companies used to buy shortly after COVID. The Egyptian market is still harsh due to restrictions imposed by the government to spend the USD and EUR mainly on essential items as the local currency in Egypt was devaluate by the government by 56% after discussions with the International Monetary Fund.

Many markets still appear to be in a downward trend what led to decreasing log supply in order to reduce the stocks on the market. Recently some of the suppliers increased the prices for sawn timber facing a strong push-back especially from markets that are still strong - like India. Meanwhile European hardwood companies report finally letting rock bottom behind them in the various regions in which they work.

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