China: wood demand expected to rise 50% by 2015

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Official statistics from the Chinese customs show a 11,34% increase in log imports in the first six months of 2013, over the same period of 2012, reports. Overall, China imported 25 million cbm of logs, in the period mentioned above, at a value of US$ 5 billion.

Softwood timber imports are also on an upward trend. In the first half, China purchased 9,1% more softwood timber, especially from Canada and Russia, reported. Moreover, European countries made a breach on the Chinese market: according to Eurostat figures, Chinese imports of softwood timber from the European Union almost tripled in January-June 2013, reaching a value EUR 107 million. 

In the following years, Chinese demand of logs and softwood timber is expected to further rise and by 2015, the Chinese State Bureau of Forestry estimates a 50% increase of wood supply deficit.

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