China: Market for ‘Green’ wood home furnishing outside of urban centres

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Efforts are being made to develop markets for ‘green’ home furnishings in rural areas to create new opportunities for manufacturers in the post pandemic era.

There has been an increase in awareness of health issues since the end of the pandemic and the marketing of environmentally safe wood products across the country will add momentum to this trend.

According to a recent survey by the China Wood Production Industry Association (CWPIA) 50% of home decoration users are most concerned about formaldehyde, 30% are concerned about "energy saving and environmental protection" in the choice of home decoration, 20% choose "close to nature" as the theme style for home decoration. In light of this survey it is anticipated the ‘green’ household products will find a ready market.

The advantages of wooden frame buildings in the context of global energy conservation and emission reduction are gaining attention as wood frame buildings have natural advantages as carbon is fixed for a long period.

Modern wood frame building materials have been included in the Green Building Materials Certification Directory. 2023 will be the year for promotion year of green building materials to the countryside and promotion will be 5 pilot regions. With promotion more consumers can gain a clear understanding of the concept of green building materials.

Sales of green building materials in rural areas has played a positive role in improving the productivity of building material product manufacturers by lifting the consumption of green building materials, improving the quality of rural housing construction and promoting a good atmosphere for green consumption.

Experience suggests it can take two years of practical experience to realise comprehensive promotion. 2022 was the first year that green building materials were be sold in rural areas. Although some achievements have been made, many supporting activities and implementation plans have not been implemented in pilot regions due to the impact of the epidemic. This year, as the impact of the domestic epidemic dissipates, the campaign to send green building materials to the countryside is expected to expand.

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