Bulgarian companies threaten to protest against ban on log exports

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About 800 companies operating in the timber harvesting sector in Bulgaria threaten to protest against a ban of exports.

Parliamentary parties in Bulgaria recently agreed that a ban on log exports is an adequate method to combat illegal harvesting in the country. However, industry representatives demand that the ban should be revoked. 

Bulgarian MPs have a different opinion on how long this measure should be applied, with some even calling for an indefinite ban.

Bulgaria’s Parliament eventually adopted a 3-month moratorium on log exports, specifying that changes to the Forest Act were to be drafted during the period.

During the debates, however, experts noted that the ban on log exports clashed with the principle of free movement of goods in the EU, stressing that timber companies could initiate lawsuits against the state.

Bulgarian timber industry representatives claimed that they would run up losses of BGN 40 million (EUR 20 million) during the 3-month period of the ban.


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Jacques Rouchaud
That is very important to control the forest in good order The situation of différent Forests in Europe is catastrophic particularly in france .the harvesting is really devastatingly The government have to stop this urgently Also le pollution of the air In france is not due by the Diesel cars but by the charcoal plants of germany n poland