Brazliian wood-based products up 16% in February

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In February 2024 Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 16% in value compared to February 2023 from US$262.2 million to US$304.2 million.

Pine sawnwood exports increased 9% in value between February 2023 (US$50.9 million) and February 2024 (US$55.6 million). In volume, exports increased 15.5% over the same period from 215,200 cu.m to 248,600 cu.m.

However, tropical sawnwood exports declined 12.5% in volume, from 24,000 cu.m in February 2023 to 21,000 cu.m in February 2024. In value, exports fell 18% from US$12.7 million to US$10.4 million, over the same period.

Pine plywood exports increased 10% in value in February 2024 (US$57.1 million) compared to February 2023 (US$51.7 million). In volume, exports increased 9% over the same period, from 165,700 cu.m (February 2023) to 180,300 cu.m. (February 2024).

Exports of tropical plywood dropped 61% in volume and by 52% invalue from 4,600 cu.m and US$2.1 million in February 2023 to 1,800 cu.m and US$1.0 million in February 2024, respectively. On a brighter note, exports of wooden furniture increased from US$38.6 million in February 2023 to US$45.9 million in February 2024, an increase of 19%.

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