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offer 18258926 26 Feb 2021 08:58

Chipboard Drawer Unit For Offices

Type: Storage, Style: Contemporary, Main Material: MFC, Quantity: 50 - 500 pieces per month
Kubis doo
Serbia (Belgrade)
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Price: EUR 49 per pieces
offer 18186722 27 Mar 2021 04:00

Composed - Movable Drawer With Central Lock

Type: Storage, Product name: Movable drawer with central lock, Style: Contemporary, Main Material: wood, Quantity: 100 - 1500 pieces per month
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Incoterm: FOB , Montenegro
offer 18188131 30 Mar 2021 12:20

Stainless Steel Office Storage

Type: Storage, Origin: Romania, Style: Traditional, Main Material: Stainless steel, Quantity: 8 - 224 pieces Spot - 1 time
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Incoterm: EXW
request 18336153 12 Mar 2021 23:02

Storage Boxes for Office

Type: Storage, Style: Contemporary, Main Material: Pine (Pinus sylvestris) - Scots Pine, Quantity: 100 pieces per month
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offer 18333726 20 Feb 2021 08:43

Library Montpellier

Type: Storage, Product name: Montpellier, Origin: Russia, Style: Classical, Main Material: manufactured wood(LDSP), Quantity: 10 - 50 pieces per month
Glazov's Furniture Factory LLC
Russia (Glazov)
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Incoterm: EXW , Russia
offer 18191325 25 Jan 2021 04:00

Beech Display Easel

Type: Storage, Product name: DISLAY EASEL - CAVALLETTO DISPLAY IN LEGNO - DESIGN MODERNO, Origin: Italy, Style: Contemporary, Main Material: Beech, Quantity: 50 pieces Spot - 1 time
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Incoterm: EXW , Italy
offer 17890901 11 Mar 2019 04:00

Colonial Elliotis Pine Varios Colores Ciudad Real Spain

Type: Storage, Product name: Globe Helsinky, Origin: Spain, Style: Colonial, Main Material: Elliotis Pine (Pinus Elliotis), Quantity: 1.0 - 100.0 pieces Spot - 1 time
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Incoterm: EXW , Spain
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