Fordaq FAQ

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Post offers & requests

How to enter an offer
How to enter a request
This is important for various reasons:
  • Will make sure your company will be visible in the “Marketplace” with your offers or requests
  • Will make sure your offers or requests appear in the “Postman” newsletter

  • We recommend you enter as offers all products you sell & enter as requests the products for which you are currently looking for a new supplier.

    How do I enter offers or requests?
  • Using the top menu go to Marketplace in the relevant product category. Click on “Post Offer” or “Post request” and fill in the forms. Do not forget to click on confirm at the end.

  • Some tips to be successful:
  • Make sure you click on "Post Offer" if you want to sell and "Post Request" if you want to buy
  • Make sure your offer or request is entered in the right category of products
  • Describe precisely the product you want to sell or buy. You can use the comment field & attach documents
  • If you are selling put pictures. This is not necessary if you want to buy.
  • Entering prices is recommended if your price is competitive
  • If you only want to receive messages from specific countries use the posting settings at the bottom of the form
  • Anonymous postings receive less results so we don’t recommend this option
  • If you are trying to find new clients make sure you post offers that are very attractive. This is your best advertising.
  • The higher your subscription the more results you will get. So especially if you have a free subscription check upgrade options.