THPS - Tropical Hardwood Products Suriname, Having own facilities in as well Suriname as in the Netherlands we are able to deliver high quality hardwood products on your demand.

offer #18392590 Wed Mar 15 16:12:50 CET 2023

Massaranduba Beams KD, 35-150 mm Thick

Type: Beams, Species: Massaranduba, Volume: 20 - 200 m3 Spot - 1 time
offer #18407181 Wed Mar 15 16:14:07 CET 2023

Greenheart Beams, 30 m3/Spot

Type: Beams, Species: Greenheart, Volume: 20 - 30 m3 Spot - 1 time
offer #18404558 Wed Mar 15 16:13:49 CET 2023

Ipe Planks AD, 21 mm Thick

Type: Planks (boards), Species: Ipe (Lapacho), Volume: 5 - 25 m3 Spot - 1 time
offer #18343436 Wed Mar 15 16:13:29 CET 2023

Suar Tables, 1-200 pieces/Spot

Type: Dining Tables, Product name: Suar tafel met RVS U of X poot
offer #18360895 Wed Mar 15 16:11:20 CET 2023

Purpleheart Planks FAS/AD, 26-80 mm Thick

Type: Planks (boards), Species: Amarante - Purpleheart


Tropical Hardwood Products Suriname (THPS) is a producer, exporter and importer of a wide range of tropical hardwood products. All our products are produced from sustainable and well controlled forests in Suriname which guarantees the balance between economic, social and environmental motivations.

Besides producing and exporting we participate in concessions and we run several production units like log yards, sawmills and moulding facilities. With these production units we are able to deliver our customers on demand whether it are round logs, squares, rough sawn timber and ready-made products like decking material. Most of our wood species we can deliver both in non-FSC as well as FSC-certified. Above all our timber will be delivered according to the EUTR legislation which means all our timber is provable legal. As we operate in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and in North and South America we are aware of the demand, the quality that is required and the necessary legislations. The main wood species we deliver are Angelim Pedra (Maka Kabbes), Kaw Udu (Tatajuba), Jatoba, Brownheart, Koenantepi, Basralocus, Bostamarinde, Cambara, Fava Amargosa, Gele Kabbes, Ipé, Kopi, Lauro Vermelho, Purperheart, Wana and Wallaba. Of course we can deliver other available wood species on your demand! Tropical Hardwood Products Suriname (THPS), a good motivation for a reliable delivery of your product! Contact us at

Company information

Main activity: Planing mill
VAT number (if any): NL858125304B01
Employees: 6-10
Member since: 18/11/2019