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KOK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED is a comprehensive wood products and bamboo products company. The company has two branches: Bamboo Products Production Department and Wood Products Professional Production Department. Bamboo products branches: Our bamboo factory is located at Jian’ou city ,Fujian province which is the hometown of moso bamboo. KOKINTER is a professional bamboo and wood products manufacturer,founded in 2010,Our floor area is 4000 square meter .Our main produce all kinds of bamboo and wood products,such as kitchenware and tableware,storage products ,bathroom products furniture etc.And export to Japan,Korean,Europe,American,Australian,ect.The production capacity are over 3 million per year.Our main advantage are Supporting small batch customization orders,Good products quality,supporting process diversification ,such as UV printing ,laser marking , laser cutting ,CNC. Choose bamboo ,choose KOKINTER,we will offer good quality and attractive price. Wooden Products Branches: Our wooden branch is located in the Kingdom of Solid Wood City in China. This city is not famous in International Trade, but very famous in all kind of Solid wood log origin in CHINA .That is why we choose this place to set up our wooden products branch. We are Professional in Solid wood panel production and Overseas export many years. such as OAK , ASH , ELM , BRICH , CHINESE WALNUT, PINE , WALNUT... Finger Joint board, Edge-glued panels...etc. Our main products in wooden branch: Solid wood finger joint panels Walnut worktops Full stave oak worktops Ash wood table tops Oak wood kitchen tops FJ wood board &Wooden Flooring Our advantage is that we are the only one factory who can make FJ panel upto 6000mm and also make varnish surface of it in China at this moment. We are so pride of this. KOKINTER specializes in providing customers with a variety of wood and bamboo products and experts in bamboo and wood products. First-class service and superior geographical advantages allow us to provide customers with high-quality, competitive products.

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