Grupo Líder Madeiras

♻️ Desde 1992 no Mercado Madeireiro ▪️ Operação e Distribuição em todo Brasil e Exterior ▪️ 🌳 Madeiras de Reflorestamento

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Eucalyptus Anti-Slip Decking (E4E), 22 mm Thick

Specie/material : Eucalyptus, Key feature: S4S, Type: Decking (E4E)
offer #18377665 Fri May 13 02:55:26 CEST 2022

KD Eucalyptus S4S Cut to size, 17-35 mm Thick

Type: Strips, Species: Eucalyptus, Key feature: madeira sólida KD
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Pine Pallet Components, Any Size

Type: Semi Assembled Pallets, Origin: Brazil, Quantity: 50 m3 Spot - 1 time


▪️ In 1992 we started the history of Líder Madeiras in the city of Araçatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. ▪️ We started our activities by deploying pine and eucalyptus wood, serving the wholesale and retail market throughout our region.

Over the years we have had a significant increase in our performance in the civil construction area, more than doubling our distribution in the sector and making investments to solidify this expansion, improving the quality, technology and efficiency in serving our customers. ▪️ In mid 2010, we expanded our operation by signing new partnerships with large groups in the industry. With smart and bold logistics, we started to serve customers throughout the national territory. ▪️ After more than 25 years of growth and solidity in the market, having a history of success and integrity in all our relationships, we also entered the furniture market, initiating a new era, when MAXXLÍDER appeared. ▪️ Operating in the furniture market, we were able to quickly expand our horizons, establishing partnerships with major brands and manufacturers in the national market. With robust logistics, which has more than 100 trucks in our distribution, we guarantee quality and punctuality in our deliveries, always bringing confidence and credibility in the relationship with each customer. ▪️ At Líder Madeiras and MaxxLíder we use export-standard, reforested and certified wood, respecting the environment and its sustainability. And it is with this bold vision and structure, always guided by our history and principles, that our company prepares the international operation, with a view to serving countries like Mexico and China. ▪️ After all these advances, at the beginning of 2021 we started another stage of growth and expansion in our history, now as Grupo Líder Madeiras! ▪️ Our company had already taken the form of a Group some time ago, with several operations spread throughout Brazil, Distribution Centers, Sawmills and MAXXLÍDER in Sénges in the State of Paraná. Now we have adopted this achievement in our name, we are a Group! ▪️ The word "Group" has several meanings, but for us it means: People and Companies united to fulfill the same purpose and achieve the same goals. And so we started another new page in our rich history of more than 28 years in the timber market, making sure that we still have a lot to achieve! Líder️ Wood Leader Group

Company information

VAT number (if any): 11.158.093/0001
Turnover: 500 000-5 000 000 USD (US Dollar)
Employees: 51-100
Creation Date: 1992
Member since: 11/11/2020