Essetre S.r.l.

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Via della Reppubblica Serenissima 7, 36016 Thiene (VI)
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Essetre S.p.A. was founded in 1979 in Thiene (Vi) and began its business by designing and manufacturing woodworking machinery, with particular attention to kitchen processing. Today it is an established Company, well-known on the Italian and foreign market, highly qualified for its specific design and manufacture of multi-purpose working centres for the processing of wood, plastic and light alloys. The working centres, studied with advanced technologies, structures and softwares, meet the requirements of numerous production fields: from the kitchen manufacturers to the window&door manufacturers, from the joinery companies to the carpenters, from the chair manufacturers to the companies working in the building industry, from the furniture manufacturers to the sofa manufacturers. The working centres, often special because studied to satisfy the Customer’s requirements, meet the craftsman as well as the big company with single or in-line machines completely automatic which guarantee flexibility, highest quality and productivity. The company is constantly at the Customer’s service, first by analysing the working centre most suitable for his needs, then with an after-sale service responsive and highly professional. Its new industrial structure inaugurated in the 2013 is today the guarantee and point of reference worldwide as well as the engine towards achieving more goals and innovation.


    • 2018-03-19
    • Top quality Italian wooden houses producer Pagano System sets a new ESSETRE CNC machine

    • The Pagano System company in Rome has for years been a reference point for style and luxury in the residential wooden houses sector... [More...]
    • 2018-03-01
    • Pagano System sceglie la flessibilità ESSETRE Techno Progress

    • L'azienda Pagano System di Roma è da anni un punto di riferimento di stile e lusso nel settore residenziale case in legno... [More...]
    • 2016-12-21

    • Arrivando al Salone Eurobois, non si poteva fare a meno di notare il logo EUROBOIS in legno, lungo 11 metri, realizzato con il centro di lavoro per pannelli MULTIWALL dall’azienda ESSETRE SRL... [More...]
    • 2016-08-05
    • Italtetti potenzia la sua produzione tetti con una Techno di Essetre

    • La tecnologia che offre Essetre a Italtetti apre la strada anche alle costruzioni in legno e, nonostante la storicità dell’azienda nella carpenteria e il tema dominante legato all’acquisto del centro di lavoro Techno PF... [More...]
    • 2015-02-26
    • Essetre wird während der Messe Eurobois in Lyon ihre Maschine Techno SAW vorstellen

    • Techno SAW ist ausgedacht worden, um das Bearbeitungsbedürfnis der Rahmelementen für Rahmpaneelen zu befriedigen... [More...]
    • 2015-02-26
    • Eurobois in Lyon: an important appointment for Essetre producer of CNC machinery for wood carpentry

    • Techno SAW is a CNC machine extremely compact, equipped with a 5-axis head, double output motor (fixed blade on one side and tool connection on the other side) ... [More...]
    • 2014-09-11
    • Essetre presenta "Techno Multiwall" , la nuova macchina per la lavorazione di pannelli Xlam

    • "Techno Multiwall" per la costruzione e lavorazione delle pareti con struttura a telaio e per la lavorazione delle pareti X-lam, che prevede un sistema innovativo, in grado di capovolgere direttamente nell’area di lavoro della macchina le pareti... [More...]