Energie Kienbacher ein Unternehmen der Landhaus Kienbacher GmbH

Der Name Kienbacher steht für, Bodenständigkeit, Strebsamkeit, Innovation und Service. Beheimatet in Oberbayern ist unsere Familie tief verwurzelt mit der bayrischen Tradition. Achtsamkeit gegenüber der Natur und Verbundenheit zur Region sind Werte die stark bei uns verankert sind. Dort zu Leben wo man wohnt und auch dort wo man wohnt zu arbeiten, sind weitere wichtige Lebensumstände die unsere Famile auszeichnen.

request #18360138 Thu May 12 14:11:07 CEST 2022

KD Birch Firewood, 25/ 33 cm, all Year Round Wanted

Type: Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved, Quantity: 200 m3 per month, Species: Birch
offer #18377425 Wed May 11 06:53:21 CEST 2022


Company activity: Sawmill, Yearly turnover: 10000000 eur
request #18376262 Wed Apr 27 12:18:24 CEST 2022

Beech/ Hornbeam/ Oak/ Birch/ Ash/ Alder/ Maple Firewood

Product: Firewood, Species: Common Black Alder, Beech, Birch
request #18376013 Sun Apr 24 12:12:54 CEST 2022

Alder/ Oak/ Birch/ Beech/ Pine/ Fir/ Spruce Firewood

Type: Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved, Quantity: 20000 pallet per year
request #18359310 Thu Apr 14 15:16:03 CEST 2022

RUF/ Nestro/ PiniKay Wood Briquettes

Type: Wood Briquets, Quantity: 500 ton per month, Species: Beech, Birch
request #18359240 Thu Apr 14 15:15:43 CEST 2022

Bark Briquette Palletised in 10 kg Pack Wanted

Type: Wood Briquets, Quantity: 50-100 ton per month
request #18370177 Thu Apr 14 15:15:27 CEST 2022

Alder/ Oak/ Birch/ Beech/ Scots Pine/ Fir/ Spruce in 1RM Wooden Boxes

Type: Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved, Quantity: 500 m3 per month, Species: Beech
request #18370162 Thu Apr 14 15:15:12 CEST 2022

RUF/ Nestro Briquettes/ Nielsen Briquettes

Type: Wood Briquets, Quantity: 500 ton per month, Species: Beech, Birch, Oak
request #18306797 Wed Mar 16 13:38:53 CET 2022

Nestro Fir/ Pine/ Spruce Briquettes 90 mm

Type: Wood Briquets, Quantity: 50 ton per month, Species: Fir (Abies alba)


Energy Kienbacher For many years we deal successfully with the topic "renewable energies". We can proudly claim to be a pioneer in the field of self-sufficient energy supply in Upper Bavaria.

In 2016, we will not only supply our electricity needs but also our heating and hot water needs to 100% from sustainable and renewable sources. We have developed and implemented numerous solutions ourselves, with the result that today we can supply almost 100%, even our energy, to our apartment building with 30 apartments and our administrative area. Thanks to this development, we will be able to offer our customers top products in the fuel sector under the "Energy-Kienbacher" brand in the future.

Company information

Main activity: Firewood producers
VAT number (if any): DE291729247
Turnover: 5 000 000-10 000 000 EUR (Euro)
Employees: 1-5
Creation Date: 1991
Member since: 01/03/2012