Cominotto Legnami s.a.s.

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Zona Industriale del Cosa, 1, 33097 Spilimbergo PN
Friuli-Venezia Giulia,
  • Main activity
    Furniture component producer
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Cominotto Legnami is a sawmill specialised in the processing of European hardwoods such as beech, ash, cherry, oak and maple. The log is turned into boards of various thicknesses, from 25 mm to 100 mm, and these are then naturally seasoned in the open air until they reach a moisture content of 16-18% or they are put into kiln-drying rooms managed by a special software in order to get to a final moisture level of 10-12%. Our drying system has been tested and developed over time, thanks to the cooperation with some of our clients and CATAS* in order to avoid surface micro-crackings that can cause problems and rejects in following processings. The lumber is usually sold as waney-edged. Our core-business is the production of band-sawn components, straight, tapered or shaped, for the furniture industry. Components are mainly cut out of kiln-dried lumber to ensure the stability of the product.

Industry Specific Information

Main activity
Furniture component producer
Other activities
  • Hardwood sawmills ,
  • Sawing services ,
  • Drying services

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