«Kurganskaya lesopromyshlennaya kompaniya» LLC.

  • Sadovaya Str., 23 Ketovskij rajon, ,
    641330, Prosvet village
    Kurgan Region , Russia



«Kurganskaya lesopromyshlennaya kompaniya», LLC for a long period of time engaged in the procurement and processing of wood, production of lumber, molded products, wood products, and also performs work on the construction of industrial, residential buildings and structures.

The company has the necessary raw materials and production base, carries out a complex of works with a full cycle of processing and production of lumber, has open and closed areas for long-term storage of products, drying chambers. Currently, products are being delivered to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, as well as to various regions of the Russian Federation.


******, «Kurganskaya lesopromyshlennaya kompaniya» LLC.
Mrs. Oksana Georgievna Kovkalyuk
Languages spoken
English (United Kingdom) , Русский

Company information

Employees: 21-50
Creation Date: 2004
Member since: 08/02/2020