Sawmill Shares for Sale - PPUH TRAK Sp. z o.o.

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Country Poland
Region Woj. Mazowieckie
Company activity Sawmill


Yearly turnover 8148508 EUR
Building area owned 12150 m2 (sqm)
Land area owned 79682 m2 (sqm)
Shares in a functioning company PPUH TRAK Sp. Z o.o. are offered for sale, including developed land property, which consists of sawmill's buildings and machines. These are located within the area of two factories and storehouses:

1. Sawmill – Garbatka Długa 1, 26-930 Garbatka Letnisko (registered office) – plot's reference number: 307/3, 308/2, 305/4 Garbatka Podlas area.
- Total area of the grounds: 46571m2
- Total area of the buildings: ca. 6500m2

2. Window-door plywood production site – Jadwinów 32, 26-720 Policzna - plot's reference number: 60/1, 63/66 Jadwinów area.
- Total area of the grounds: 26800m2
- Total area of the buildings: ca. 3800m2

3. Storehouses together with a railway sidetrack – ul. H. Lewandowicz, 26-930 Garbatka Letnisko
- Total area of the grounds: 6311m2
- Total area of the buildings: 1850m2

The company has been active continuously since 1992.

The main focus of the company's activities is manufacture of domestic deciduous and coniferous timber products:
-Components for window-door woodwork (plywood)
-Components (dried, steamed and fresh) for furniture and floor
-Components for building
-Pellet and briquette
Products, manufactured for institutional and individual recipients, are present on domestic and foreign markets.
The company received a Quality Management Certificate for processing of timber and production of lumber ISO 9001:2000 in 2005 and an FSC Certificate in 2007.

The company receives wood from Kozienice, Zwoleń, Suchedniów, Łuków, Puławy and Radzyń forestry. The company has been cooperating with RDLP (Regional Directorate of State Forests) Warszawa and RDLP Radom since 2002.

Timber from State Forests are FSC certified.

The strategy of dynamic development is directed toward sale of finished products, which would replace currently implemented sale of intermediate products. The company's main target is, inter alia, modernisation of factory's equipment and complete mechanisation of production, and therefore reduction in the amount of workers. The company invests in mechanisation of production processes using grants from the European Union – PHARE and Structural Funds.

Through them "TRAK" financed:
-purchase of boiler house and dry chambers
-implementation of integrated system ERP
-purchase of double-sided edger and transformer station
-purchase of optimizing crosscut saw
-purchase of a production line used for production of pellet and briquette

The company aims to optimize costs on every production stage and to become independent from external providers. The company is in posession of self-loading vehicles with a crane and a trailer used to transport containers and also has a strategy for transportation of every product produced by it.

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