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Category type Conveyors, storage and material handling
Category Log Handling Equipment
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Description Rotary unscrabbler are comprised of several levels of transport plates in constant rotary movement. Synchronization between the transport plates allows for the handling of individual logs.

Each series of plates are placed on hubs linked to a single drive system.

Production speed
The production speed of the unscrabbler is determined by the rotating speed of the hubs and the transport plate model. Hub rotation is considered very slow - regardless of the desired production speed.

For example :

Rotary unscrabbler model JP1-6 (6 hubs) for 8-foot logs, in operation at Tembec La Sarre, reaches a production speed of 54 logs per minute. The rotating speed of the hubs is 4.5 rpm. This system only requires a 5 HP motor.
Rotary unscrabbler model JP3-14 (8 hubs) for 8-foot logs, in operation at the Spruce Falls Inc. plant, reaches a production speed of 50 logs per minute. The rotating speed of the hubs is 12.5 rpm. This system only requires a 7.5 HP motor.
The Tembec La Sarre plant has increased production on its sawing line by 3,000 logs in an eight-hour work shift. This increased productivity is due to the increased feeding speed and the high efficiency of the rotary unscrabbler. The sorter feed speed varies between 50 and 57 logs / minute depending on the diameter of the log, and can reach a speed of 100 logs / minute (variable drive system) while maintaining a 95% efficiency target.

Furthermore, with minimal mechanical maintenance costs, the plant can realize a quick return on its investment.

Increases production with speeds of 80 logs / minute.
Supplies a production line one log at a time.
Single drive mechanism (each shaft is linked with simple double-toothed wheels and a drive chain).
Drive mechanism located outside lateral panels, protected against debris.
Requires very little mechanical maintenance.
No steel on steel frictional contact
Handles crooked and horned logs
Sturdy construction
No vibrations
Quick start-up
Available models :
Rotary unscrabbler model JP1-6, for logs 1" to 6" in diameter
Rotary unscrabbler model JP3-14, for logs 3" to 24" in diameter
All models are designed to handle logs 8' to 24' feet in length and more

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