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Category type Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing
Category Automatic spraying machines
Brand Makor


Condition of the item New
Date of manufacture 2018
Volume -
Description Makor K-TWO PANELS FOR AUTOMATED ROBOT SPRAYING - THE RECOVERY OF PAINT-LAC-PRIMER. Flexibility, maintenance, ease of use, combined with cost and management capabilities make the K-TWO ideal machine for companies that need to spray lots environments for owners with products based on water or solvent or products veneered with PVC. Even those companies who meet for the first time in the automatic spray application, can count on the advantages it offers robot K-TWO: increased productivity, savings product, uniformity of application of the product and increased quality and consistent application. SYSTEM CONTROL-operation of the car is done from a touch screen monitor, easy to use, intuitive displays and manages all functions and processing parameters. An electronic barrier reads accurately size parts and controls introduced real-time opening and closing guns to minimize consumption lake. Trasporti BELT -Transporte parts are made of antistatic material with resistance band, ensuring the best quality paint transfer and uniform in every point of Parts. PAINT SYSTEM RECOVERY recovery -The patented set-up allows automatic recovery of paint sprayed on the strip advance and reuse of the band always maintaining clean. Cleaning device is automatically acts during spraying, thus reducing management time. -The Spray spray unit is equipped with two oscillating arms driven by a mechanism with high accuracy to ensure constant movement and a mechanical control precisely to get the greatest degree of uniformity of spraying the entire surface work, including the edges. On the two oscillating arms are installed each powered by four pistols 2 circuits, one for low pressure and the other in high pressure. Guns and pumps are ordered separately. AIRFLOW -Before to introduce air in large spray area, it is treated through several filtration stations to avoid sprayed parts coming into contact with air coming from the cabin experiorul. -Presurizarea Perfect spray area is guaranteed by an air supply fan and another outlet. Geometry guarantees cabin airflow directed correctly, saving lakes, maintaining cleanliness and increase application quality. -Filtrele Wide are able to retain any particles of paint in accordance with regulations. -Accesibilitate Wholesale car parts for maintenance as easy. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Minimum Work: Lung. 300 mm Lat. 25 mm h. 5 mm Dimensions Maxime work: Lung. 5000 mm Lat. 1300 mm h. 60 mm Feed speed: Min. 1 m / min. Max. 6 m / min. Airflow: Max. 10,000 m³ / h Total power installed 11 KW workplan Height: 900 mm (+ - 30 mm) Mounting Free + Warranty + Maintenance (5 Technicians) Leasing. We perform other configurations on request finish line. New Product Price VAT invoicing Foreign Possibility - Translated with google

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Price On demand
Delivery deadline Available on order in more than 30 days
Sells to: Romania


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