Model №.3 - Pine Shelf, 2 sections, 12 shelves

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Type Storage
Product name Shelving system 300x1200x2304 mm
Origin Russia
Region Saint Petersburg
Style Traditional
Main Material type European Softwood
Main Material Pine (Pinus sylvestris) - Scots Pine


Volume 4+ pieces per month
Dimensions 300x1200x2304 mm
Finish without finish
Colour Natural wood
Certification ISPM 15
Easy to assemble, possible to combine and extend. Delivered unassembled in the following complectation:
one-section post 2304 mm 4 pieces (price per unit 2.33 euro)
two-section post 2304 mm 2 pieces (price per unit 3.08 euro)
shelf 300x400 mm: 6 pieces (3 packs x 2 shelves) (price per pack unit 6.97 euro)
shelf 300x800 mm: 6 pieces (3 packs x 2 shelves) (price per pack unit 8.5 euro)
stiffness back lath 400 mm: 2 pieces (price per unit 1.05 euro)
stiffness back lath 800 mm: 2 pieces (price per unit 1.6 euro)

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Price & Conditions

Price On demand EUR per pieces
Incoterm FCA - free carrier Country Russia Region Saint Petersburg
Sells to: Worldwide


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