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Category type Drying, Steaming and impregnation of solid timber
Category Steam Chamber
Brand Kuvars Steam Boiler
Model Solid Fuel


Condition of the item New
Date of manufacture 2019
Volume 1
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  • Description During the time that ENORPA QUARTZ SERIES Steam Boilers are produced, optimum thermal construction and the least damaging eco friendly carbon monoxide emissions are taken into consideration. The strength and aerodynamic calculations to be done according to the relevant air flow values are carried out eligible to TS 12953 (Turkish), ASME BPVC (USA), AD2000 (German), EN 12953 (European), GOST (Russian) standarts.
    ENORPA QUARTZ SERIES Steam Boilers are in accordance with 2014/68/EU and it can be manufactured specially according to national regulations. The designs are applied which enable minimizing thermal expansion of the boilers exposed to high temperatures. EN 10028-2 Certified P265GH, P295GH and P355GH high temperature and high pressure resistant sheets are used in all parts which are exposed to direct pressure. Fire tubes are PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certified and in TS 10217-2 standart which specially manufactured for boilers made of P235GH material. In order to produce steam used in industrial area with minimum cost and highest quality; a high water volume is generated as an energy storage as well as generating intense and high volumed steam for responding instant steam hammering needs. The process management of all weldings on QUARTZ SERIES Steam Boilers are carried out in accordance with EN ISO ***** standard and all welds are made by welders tested under TS EN ISO ***** standard. Compatibility of the welding materials to the main material, welding positions and all kinds of welds are in accordance with the standards of WPS and PQRs specially fixed to ENORPA.

    The design of the parts required for the operation of boilers such as condensate tank, degasifier, feed booster pumps, water level safety equipment, pressure value safety equipment, chimney, economiser, drainage lines and blow-off are made in accordance with the standards to provide high safety and efficiency according to the requirements of the era.

    o There is 2014/68/EU PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification
    o QUARTZ SERIES Steam Boiler is designed suitable for TS 12953 – ASME BPVC – AD2000 – EN 12953 – GOST
    o Tracked by analogue or PLC boiler and room control unit
    o For every product, there is CE certification B (project) + F (manufacturing) Module
    o QUARTZ SERIES Steam Boiler has a possibility to be customized as double firebox and double burner for Liquid/Gas Fired systems
    o Has a newly designed double firebox and double-stoker boilers for solid fired systems
    o Possibility to produce customized redundant burner system for Liquid/Gas fired boilers
    o Intense and high volumed steam for responding instant steam hammering needs

    3-Pass, Scotch Type, CE Certified, In accordance with TS – 12953, ASME BPVC standards and 2014/68/EU PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)

    QUARTZ Series Steam Boilers with CE certification are designed as 3-Pass using 0 – 18 mm coal as fuel. When desired QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler can be converted to Liquid/Gas fired state. By means of its advanced technological design, QUARTZ Series Solid Fired Steam Boilers provide eco-friendly low fuel consumption. It offers higher efficiency by virtue of the automated feed option. QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler can be produced single or double combustion chamber depending on the need. QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler responds instant steam needs well. Production can be made according to different pressure values. Multi-Cyclone and flue gas fan, which have a dust catching ability up to 94%, are presented as optional in the system. By virtue of its cylindrical design, QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler is affected minimally from sediment and lime in water. QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler has safety equipment and other equipage suitable for risk analysis. QUARTZ Series Steam Boiler is produced entirely by domestic materials and workmanship.

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