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Product Saw Logs
Type of species African Softwood
Species Cypress
Origin South Africa
Region Baviaanskloof


Volume 8000 m3 per year
Diameter 80 in
Length 10 m
Quality -
Description The majority of my cedar wood population is available (400-500 trees). It has been treated, and can be shipped to you. Sawn to your chosen dimensions.

Widdringtonia schwarzii (Willowmore cedar or Willowmore cypress, Afrikaans: Baviaanskloof-seder)[3][4] is a species of Widdringtonia native to South Africa, where it is endemic to the Baviaanskloof and Kouga Mountains west of Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape Province; it occurs on dry rocky slopes and crags at 600-1,200 m altitude. It is threatened by habitat loss, particularly by wildfire.[5][6] The Willowmore cypress is a protected tree in South Africa.[3]

It is a medium-sized evergreen tree growing to 20–25 m (formerly known to 40 m) tall. The leaves are scale-like, 1.5 mm long and 1 mm broad on small shoots, up to 10 mm long on strong-growing shoots, and arranged in opposite decussate pairs. The cones are globose to rectangular, 2–3 cm long, with four scales. It is closely related to Widdringtonia wallichii from Western Cape Province, being most easily distinguished by its larger seeds with a short seedwing.[5]

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