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As the official broker of ***** offer to arrange the supplying contract on behalf and at the expense of your company with a Belarusian saw mill during the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (hereinafter - BUCE) auctions following your specification with detailed description of the material that you require (sizes, quality, volumes, delivery point, target price).
In practice this works as follows:
1. BFS monitors BUCE auctions according to your procurement specification and enquiries.
2. When the appropriate lots are listed at the BUCE system (usually 2 working days before the auction) we send you the information about the lots along with our recommendation about the reliability if the suppliers.
3. You consider the lots and within 1 working day give BFS your written instruction including # of lots, volume and max price.
4. If your price wins the auction BFS sign the contract on your behalf with electronic signature.
5. Once the exchange contract is concluded, we duly send the electronically signed contract to you. Brokerage fee is 0,5% of the contract amount, but varies depending on volume of trade.
6. On your request BFS can arrange all the necessary paperwork with the mills

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