Sisal Residue Pellets

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Main type Pellets - Briquets - Charcoal
Type Agripellets
Origin Algeria
Region algeria


Volume 10000 Ton per month
Type of species European Hardwood
Species sisal residue pellets
Description Our company supplies waste pellets of 8 mm / 6 mm ± 1 (length 3.15 mm to 40 mm), given the importance of energy supply and demand, in particular the energy sector. energy. green energy. We use an improved manufacturing process that always results in the highest quality pellets, available for purchase in bulk or in bags. As the residue granules are made at a constant size (3.15 mm to 40 mm long x 6 mm and 8 mm in diameter), they therefore have a low moisture content and a high density, which means that our granules of wood can be used in clean combustion heaters, industry, etc. Our sisal residue pellets have a wide variety of uses, including commercial and consumer use for radiators and radiators. The residue scraps are first passed through a hammer mill to provide a uniform size of wood. CHARACTERISTICS Net calorific value 19.0 MJ / kg Contains sulfur ≤ 0.02% Fines ≤ 1.0% Ash content ≤ 0.5% Moisture content ≤ 10% Bulk density ≥ 650 kg / m3 Chlorine ≤ 0 , 01% OUR TEST The quality of these top quality sisal residue granules is tested on site and by a third party testing company, Twin Ports Testing. Quality control sampling is performed daily on site and a sample of our product is shipped for independent analysis by a third party in accordance with Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) guidelines. DESCRIPTION OF THE INSTALLATION We have major systems and equipment, all fully integrated and automatically controlled: Fleet capable of receiving granules of sisal residue, shavings and sawdust fuel dryer Pellet mills Pellet cooler and collectors System of bagging with robotic palletizer Hopefully we are building a long term sustainability relationship. Looking forward to your reply and have a nice day. thank you, - Translated with google

Price & Conditions

Price On demand
Incoterm FOB - goods are loaded on a ship in port of export
Delivery deadline Available on order in more than 30 days
Sells to: Worldwide


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