Sawn And Structural Timber All Coniferous

Species: All coniferous Clear all
offer 18159479 02 Mar 2019 04:01

Joinery Timber from Pine, Cedar, Fir and Larch trees for sale

Thickness Width Quality
100-150 mm 100-150 mm 0
Species: All coniferous, Volume: 100 - 1000 m3 per month, Length: 3000-4000 mm, Drying: Kiln dry (KD)
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offer 18156345 23 May 2017 04:02

All coniferous Beams Fresh sawn

Thickness Width Quality
25+ mm 5+ mm 1/3
Species: All coniferous, Key feature: Cherestea proaspata, Origin: Romania, Type: Beams, Volume: - m3 per month, Length: 2+ mm, Drying: Fresh sawn
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Incoterm: DAP , Romania
offer 18060173 26 Feb 2019 04:01

Edged sawn timber PINE / FIR

Thickness Width Quality
20-200 mm 20-200 mm A;B
Species: All coniferous, Volume: 500 m3 per month, Length: 1000-6000 mm, Drying: Fresh sawn
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